New Website!

Hey folk, welcome to the new website!

I thought it was about time I created a new website that had newsletter and afterpay options. I want to be able to connect with my customers on a platform other than facebook and instagram, and also have somewhere to share special offers, things that inspire me and any information about things I may be working on. I am hoping to make regular blog posts on each Full Moon, so fingers crossed I can keep up with that.

I also hope that linking up with afterpay is going to help make pieces more accessible for folk who can't really afford to spend large amounts in one go, especially now that I have raised the prices on many items.

And in keeping with full transparency, my prices are going up for a number of reasons:
1. Overhead costs - Making jewellery, especially pieces created using the lost wax casting method, is expensive. I need to cover silicon mould fees, silver fees, casting fees, and all the wax used to make these pieces. Then there's all the other overheads like bills, rent, travel to and from the city, packaging, business cards, tools, etc etc
2. Silver prices - the price of silver went up not too long ago which affects pretty much everything I make and do.
3. New website costs - This new website costs me more than double the amount I was paying to have a bigcartel store, but unfortunately bigcartel don't offer afterpay. And speaking of afterpay, I also need to cover their fees, as well as paypal and web hosting fees.
4. Valuing my worth - I have been told by multiple people that I sell myself short/need to put my prices up, and you know what, I'm finally going to listen to them. It's time I make a decent living wage and take the necessary steps I need to to keep this business financially sustainable. It's time I value my worth, the hard work I do and the hours I put into this business just as much as you all do, and I look forward to the continued support from people who have believed in me and my work from the get go. 

There aren't any new one of kind pieces being added to the store just yet, but there will be some new designs released in the upcoming Dark Moon update next month.

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