Portals to the Otherworld

To celebrate todays Dark Moon in Aquarius I am launching my first collection for 2024 - 'Portals to the Otherworld'. This is one of those collections that kind of created itself, each piece I've made recently kept coming back to certain themes, as if the Otherworld was reaching out to me and communing with me through each piece. So here it is, a cohesive collection in 13 parts, unseen realms ready to be seen.

The themes of forgotten lands, hidden realms, portals, secret passages and liminal spaces are rich here. The bones and remnants of the old world lie at the threshold to the Otherworld. And it seems quite fitting to be dreaming up other worlds through my work right now considering the absolutely devastating state our world is in. In this liminal space we can conjure up and seek out those portals that lead us to something better than this. 

And in my typical fashion I have also curated a playlist to capture the mood of this Dark Moon, that is also just incredibly fitting for this body of work. You can listen to it here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0xdqxxs5fesISUU7xRbU7V?si=39fd65ab5ddb403a

I hope you all enjoy listening to this playlist and looking through these works as much as I enjoyed creating and curating them. Nothing brings me more joy then conjuring physical manifestations of my inner realms, and being able to really capture a mood, a space in time, and create a tangible way to commune with that realm.

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