Samhain & Full Moon/Eclipse in Scorpio.

What a liminal time we've been traversing this last week - Samhain last Sunday and today we had not only the Full Moon in Scorpio, but also a Lunar Eclipse. Scorpio - the dark and mysterious of the water signs, deep like the ocean, and the Lunar Eclipse, both things I very much associate with the colour red, and the imagery of Persephone, The Underworld Queen. The ruby red of pomegranate seeds, the blood red of the moon, the red in the autumn leaves, the red glow of candles and fires as the nights get longer.

This is the time of year which I refer to as 'The Coiling Within'. Darkness starts to creep in as the sun starts setting earlier, the cold air begins to seep deeper, that sudden pull inwards starts gnawing. The journey into the Underworld is upon is, and we can feel it deep in our bones. Solitude and slowing down are calling. I want to use this time to really get into the mythology and folklore regarding this time of year, in the hopes that will all pour out into my Winter Solstice Collection.

I've also been getting into making playlists for each moon cycle lately, I find it really helps me see where I'm at personally and what I'm feeling drawn to creativity wise. And under this Full Moon it's everything dark, mysterious, and dripping with the femme prowess that I imagine our Underworld Queen herself would exude:

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